5 best Educational programs for your Preschoolers

For parents and Preschoolers in the digital age, the constant tug of war to access (or discourage) use or overuse tablets, mobiles, desktops, laptops, notebooks and TV’s is all too familiar for most families; a sensitive topic much open to debate and deliberation.

However, screen time doesn't always have to mean struggle time if, you know the what and how much to enjoy this.

With regards to the ‘what’; well, content is King so parents can use screen time for preschoolers as an opportunity to encourage social-emotional learning by cleverly choosing what Preschoolers watch.

With regards to ‘How Much’, The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends screen time of no more than an hour a day for children aged 2-5 years.

So, you have an hour a day, what would you choose as quality content for your preschoolers that can be entertaining whilst being educative?

Read below our top 6 recommendations of educational programs for Preschoolers to ensure your child’s screen time is richer.


“My goal with Blippi was to bring positive emotions and memories to the act of learning.” And this has been rightly done so by Stevin John who created this show in 2014 specifically aimed at children 2-6 years of age. In fact, Blippi was named #2 in Top 30 Kids Learning YouTube Channels. Blippi is an educational American series where the host covers a range of topics including teaching kids things about construction, garbage trucks and recycling, animals at the zoo, arts and crafts, aeroplanes and much much more! All in all, a visually appealing insightful series delivered brilliantly by a charismatic and energetic character easily relatable to all children. A fun show that promotes curiosity. After all, a billion views in 139 countries speak a lot!

Daniel Tiger

An American Canadian animated series designed for preschoolers to learn the concepts of self-identity and belonging. Kindness and respect is the overarching theme of the show allows for preschoolers to learn skills and interaction with others whilst learning the simple rules of life; fairness, equity, kindness respect, empathy and sharing feelings.

The Wiggles

The Wiggles are an Australian children's music group formed in Sydney in 1991 designed to be fun and energetic whilst promoting physical activity amongst preschoolers along with facilitating emotional development through the power of music.

Wiggles is also a quality driven educational program that promotes STEM subjects. In fact, The Wiggles is an excellent example of an educational program delivering on all 5 outcomes from The Early Years Learning Framework’ teaching children the concept of Identity and wellbeing whilst helping them connect and contribute to the world by being active learners themselves.

After all, the brain accelerates through exposure to music and music education which helps in developing communication skills, the importance of which can hardly be underplayed!

Sid the Science Kid

This an award-winning animated American Series set around a very curious and inquisitive preschooler himself who wants to know everything about everything! Especially, when it comes to Science. Each Episode is created around single scientific theme or concept and an excellent show to promote discovery, cognitive skills, problem solving and learnings.

The show uses Preschool Pathways to Science (PrePS©), a practical science readiness curriculum used in preschool classrooms that was created by cognitive researchers and preschool educators, incorporating lessons learned from developmental research as well as classroom experience

Sesame Street

An all-time classic which needs no introduction whatsoever! the fifteenth-highest-rated children's television show in the United States and perhaps enjoying a similar stature across the world, this all-time favourite is one that has successfully bridged cultural and educational gaps. All in all a beautifully crafted show that has been phenomenal in contributing towards the development of a whole generation of preschoolers!

So the next time when its screen time, try one of these entertaining yet educational programs for your preschooler and include a little learning along the way!

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